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TEBA-Thai Automotive Institute (T.A.I.) on October 26th, 2018

TEBA-Thai Automotive Institute (T.A.I.) on October 26th, 2018

This marks the beginning of the collaboration campaign between the TAI and TEBA, wherein we discussed several topics such as:

  • The efficiency of Testing Standard and Inspection Service Dialogue in Automotive Industry
  • The Macro View and Market trends in the Thai Automotive Industry in ASEAN
  • The development of?future EV infrastructure and facilities including the?strategy / framework of Automotive, EV and Mobility
  • The improvement of TAIs technical expertise and their future plans to implement education campaigns to promote public awareness
  • The Approval update on Free Zone Area

The EV vision and the readiness of the Thai industry is one of the key driving points of our cooperation and we will continue to serve the needs of our members and make sure Thailand has the edge to become the Automotive Hub of ASEAN.


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